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We design and build powerful data products.

TXI is an award-winning digital product agency headquartered in Chicago. For over 20 years, our team of strategists, designers, engineers, and delivery experts have created experience-led data products from concept to execution.

We design and develop powerful data products

Data products are powerful catalysts that can transform your business.

Imagine if all the data your organization generates could be funneled into products that guide every decision, from defining the next best actions for salespeople to predicting the organizational impacts of changes.

Teams × Inclusion

Meet your partners. Turn unique data into the driving force for digital products, uncovering extraordinary value.

Talent × Industries

Work with a specialized data product team that’s as invested in your business as you are.

Technique × Integration

You need a partner who understands your business, internalizes your challenges, and approaches solutions in a pragmatic way.

Tensions × Insights

Motivate your team by sharing the real stories and practical insights from TXI and our partners' innovative journeys.

Technology × Innovation

Choose a partner who makes a significant impact from the start.

Let’s start a conversation

Let's shape your insights into experience-led data products together.