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For over twenty years, we've gained unique industry insights that reduce risk and uncover new growth opportunities.

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Comms & media

Your business starts with the user, so we do too. We’ll get to know your audience, then design and build the attention-grabbing software to engage them.

  • Facilitate member discovery
  • Drive engagement, connection, and networks
  • Drive influence through digital storytelling
  • Foster collective impact


Transform learning through technology. We give learners of all ages digital educational experiences they deserve. We rely on user research and testing to help edtech companies build products that make education easier for teachers and learners of all ages from kindergarteners to cardiac surgeons.

  • Improve childhood literacy and education
  • Increase student engagement
  • Scale platforms for teachers and educators
  • Grow professional development and accreditation


Relationships in healthcare are built on empathy. So are our software products. By creating communication between patients and practitioners, we build trust and tech that everyone can rely on. We challenge assumptions, bring people together, and translate those ideas into healthcare products that make an impact.

  • Optimized patience experience

  • Medical device and wearables integration

  • Remote patient monitoring and tracking

  • Prepare for 5G in medicine, telemedicine, and telehealth

  • Physician education and professional development

  • Modeling and planning for pharmaceutical clinical trials



Network your physical objects at scale. IoT provides limitless opportunities for manufacturing companies to scale ranging from supply chain management to the automation of machines. We’re constantly expanding our idea of what’s possible by bringing new products and new revenue for our partners.

  • Connect data driven products
  • Automate processes, workflows, and data entry
  • Integrate IoT software and physical hardware
At TXI, we use our knowledge and privilege to make a difference in the world.


Make a collective impact. You understand your organization and constituents’ unique needs. We understand the technology that can best address them. Together, we build products that help people and make a meaningful impact on their lives.

  • Connect the mission with its users and stakeholders
  • Improve donor contributions and online giving
  • Educate and empower community members
  • Build trust with members of the community
  • Increase engagement and collaboration between users and stakeholders


Purpose-build your shopping experience. Connect buyers and sellers, expand your geographical footprint, and create multi-channel experiences that translate into loyal customers. We put users first. That's why our custom ecommerce software converts so many of them.

  • Research users and innovate new products
  • Optimize commerce experiences
  • Scale auctions and online bidding
  • Deliver two sided marketplaces
  • Empower sales teams
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