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At TXI, strategy is a team effort focused on helping clients build better digital products, one outcome at a time.

Opportunity assessment

When clients have identified a problem to solve or an opportunity to pursue but aren’t sure how best to proceed, it often helps to zoom out. We work in short cycles to identify how key elements of your “3Cs” (company, competitors, and customers) influence your potential focus area.

How we can help:

  • Analyze your current state

  • Review industry trends and business landscape

  • Conduct competitive and comparative audits

  • Uncover user needs, motivations, ambitions

  • Identify and assess market opportunities

Case Studies

Build vs buy: How one solution delivered 70-80% functionality at a fraction of the cost

Product vision

A focused product vision generates the organizational clarity, conviction, buy-in, and momentum necessary to launch (or evolve) a digital product. Our team guides the distillation of the big idea, intended audience, unique differentiators, organizational upside, and preliminary capitalization plan, ultimately leading to a well-defined and compelling strategy for success.

How we can help:

  • Articulate product vision

  • Distill value proposition

  • Establish product positioning

  • Define target business and product outcomes

  • Cultivate client's purpose

I’ve been very impressed with TXI’s adaptability. We created something new to the industry, a framework for innovation.

Rizal Hamdallah, Chief Commercial Officer, Tyson Foods

Product roadmap

TXI advocates for regular releases aligned with the specific business outcomes you aim to achieve. Regularly releasing product features ensures customer satisfaction, agility, risk mitigation, faster time to market, iterative improvement, flexibility, and learning.

Product roadmaps are vital as the definitive guide for what we intend to accomplish now, next, and later. They’re living documents that shift over time as we learn more about how our users behave, how our product performs, and how our features are adopted.

How we can help:

  • Align product priorities and features to target business outcomes

  • Define pilots, proofs-of-concept, and minimum viable products

  • Create product and feature-level roadmap and milestones

  • Conduct risk and tradeoff assessments

Case Studies

Turning audience data into an action plan with ISACA

Product management

We’ve mastered satisfying our clients’ business requirements while addressing their most pressing organizational priorities. This balancing act is enabled by flexibility, pragmatism, evidence-based decision-making and mutual respect. In all aspects of product management, we focus on enabling clients to make informed decisions in light of their goals, risks and tradeoffs.

How we can help:

  • Identify product requirements

  • Define fundamental building blocks and core functionalities

  • Shape adoption and engagement strategies

  • Leverage product analytics to inform decisions

Case Studies

Automating high-stakes business analysis for decision-making

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