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Digital communities

Community platforms that engage their audiences. Your business focuses on the user, so we do too. We’ll get to know your audience, then design and build the attention-grabbing software to reach them.

Member discovery

The hard part isn’t creating the digital community. It’s knowing who to talk to and where to find connection in a large group of strangers.

We’ve built several virtual communities that help community members build their profile, find new connections and get onboarded to a larger community that can immediately bring them value.

How we can help:

  • Craft an onboarding and profile creation experience
  • Create the member-to-member matching algorithms
  • Design the infrastructure that allows members to tag, follow and connect
  • Deliver the tools to support member directories

TXI helped us to transform our business goals into actions. Working together, we were able to explore and shape our digital footprint to improve the overall customer experience.

Carolyn Blair, CEO Cobbler Concierge

Community engagement

Virtual communities succeed when they solve real problems and offer engaging ways for members to interact. We measure our success in designing and building community platforms by looking at member signups, renewals,retention and overall engagement. The key is to design a platform that regularly provides value, so users keep coming back to get new content, meet new members and engage with the platform.

How we can help:

  • Designed experiences that encourage regular and active use of digital products
  • Community groups and discussion forums that encourage interaction
  • Increased user engagement with personalized notifications, updates, and alerts
  • Tools you need to track and report on user activity and adoption
Case Studies

Boosting active professional development users by 43% with data-driven strategies

The value TXI has provided is tremendous. We knew we needed UX, but now spreading to other products in our organization is all-encompassing and it's exciting.

Lauren Hanford, Head of User Experience Design at Participate

Storytelling and connection

Communities are more powerful when they share their stories, perspectives and life experiences with the world. Our community platforms have helped storytellers and influencers build narratives that inspire action and create connections.

How we can help:

  • Get the information you need to foster a community of curiosity
  • Enable an experience that will allow browsing, searching, and filtering of stories
  • Build platforms to capture and display video storytelling
  • Tools you need to track and report on user activity and adoption

TXI has been so invested in the success of the Chicago Ideas community that it goes beyond a traditional agency/client relationship.

Sona Jones, Director of Marketing and Media, Chicago Ideas

Collective impact

Community members are stronger together than any of them are individually. Our community platforms foster connection to aid in the goal of collective impact—allowing their members to come together in shared participation of a common goal.

How we can help:

  • Create tools for community members to share resources and materials
  • Make community platform accessible to all members, especially those with disabilities
  • Encourage action toward a common goal
Case Studies

How Brink built accessible software to empower disabled voters

TXI has always been a trustworthy and reliable partner to help me figure out what we actually need to build. I don’t need to convince them about the need for a user-driven process.

Valerie Frank, Co-Founder of Brink
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