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Shape the future with us.

Calling those who live to learn, grow, and make an impact. We welcome you to check out our open positions and explore opportunities for your path.

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We’re a group of endlessly curious people who are committed to driving change.

We're different

Leave egos at the door, embrace collaboration. Diverse perspectives build the best solutions.

We help both to build the right thing (through design thinking and product discovery) and build the thing right (with an agile mindset and an iterative approach).

To deliver the best solutions, we need as many bright and diverse minds in the room as possible, and we need to be able to learn from them once they’re here.

We bring all of the good ideas to the table so you learn from the talented teammates you regularly pair with.

We believe wellness and a sustainable pace deliver the best outcomes. We commit to being dedicated partners to our clients for a sustainable 35 hours a week.

For over two decades, we've partnered with clients across industries to research, design, and develop applications that make a meaningful impact.

We're a remote-first company

Award-winning team

At TXI, you’ll work alongside musicians, foodies, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and parents who take tremendous pride in the technology solutions they create. We also believe in doing things right: right by our employees, our clients, and our community. This commitment continues to earn us awards and recognition for our employee experience.

We want to inspire our team members to try new things, improve their careers, and gain new experiences.

Mark Rickmeier, CEO, TXI

What we offer

In 2020, the world changed—and so did the way we work. When you join TXI, we encourage you to work where you’re happiest. Our team embraces flexible working schedules and fully remote setups in a remote-first culture.

We embrace team agreements where personal schedules and working styles are defined and commitments are made to honor and respect those preferences. This culture enables our team to work well independently and together.

You can expect:

  • Freedom to work from anywhere
  • An annual allowance for work from home expense
  • Flexible schedules with core hours of overlap
  • Company-sponsored retreats and co-location weeks
  • Opportunities to connect with teammates virtually and IRL

We believe in equitable pay and generous benefits. Many organizations fail by making compensation plans complicated. At TXI, we ensure our roles are clearly defined and easily understood, making our compensation program simple to administer.

Our growth-oriented culture encourages employees to remain focused on outcomes while providing a safe working environment to experiment. As a result, meaningful career progression opportunities have been identified as people grow at TXI, strengthening the relationship between compensation and performance.

Here is what you can expect when you join our team:


Competitive salary

In addition to the base salary, we offer a bonus each year for all employees based on company performance. We strive to be a transparent company—you can see salary ranges in all of our job descriptions.


Retirement support

We have a 401(k) plan, which includes annual employer matching. Your long-term stability and wealth creation opportunities are important to us during your time at TXI.



In addition to our quality health insurance package, we have many benefits like an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a policy to support renewable energy for employees, annual work from home allowances, and mobile phone reimbursements.


TXI ownership

TXI is a 100% employee-owned ESOP. An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a US retirement benefit plan that gives all employees a beneficial ownership interest in their company in the form of shares of stock. Employees do not buy in with their own capital; they earn shares as a benefit of being an employee. We have a parallel plan, known as a SERP, for non-US employees.

Life at TXI is exciting. We are a company that likes to innovate and experiment. We work together to provide meaningful outcomes for our clients, hire wonderful new colleagues to learn from and with. We challenge ourselves to learn new skills, adopt new technologies and techniques, and always strive to improve our processes. For many of us, this kind of innovation and change is energizing.

At times, life can also be stressful, particularly in the context of other global stress happening in the world around us. As a company, we strive to support a sustainable balance in our work and in our culture, and provide time and focus away from the keyboard.

You can expect:

  • 12 weeks fully-paid leave for all new parents
  • 12 weeks paid Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave
  • Discretionary paid time off
  • Prioritized personal wellbeing and work/life balance
  • Active #wellness Slack channel and company getaways

Joining TXI will be transformative for you and your career. You will work with great people who will care about you and help you in your career and life goals. In our client work, you will be professionally challenged and personally supported while you are here.

You will do great work that you can be proud of while at TXI and you will help others up their game too.

You can expect:

  • Continuing education and learning budgets for each employee
  • Flexible career paths mapped to our interactive Career Grid
  • Manager support and investment in your success
  • Training for giving and receiving evaluative and developmental feedback
  • Sticky Note Games to generate creative ideas for what’s next

New hire onboarding rituals for a distributed workforce

Chef prepared lunches served daily.

What our employees have to say

We’re working to create an environment that’s comfortable for and inclusive of everyone. We are intentional about supporting each individual’s growth. We take our mission to “challenge and support each other” seriously. By doing that, we’re able to push the boundaries of what’s possible as a team.

Challenge and support each other

Our diversity and inclusion team is dedicated to helping us become more aware and responsive. Through surveys, speakers, and conversations, we’re collecting the data we need to iterate on our own culture, so we can make TXI the workplace we want it to be.

Learn more about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at TXI

Inclusive culture

At TXI, our product is our people. To deliver the best solutions, we need as many bright and diverse minds in the room as possible, and we need to be able to learn from them once they’re there. That’s why we’re working to create an environment that’s comfortable and inclusive for everyone.

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