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There’s a difference between a vendor that checks the boxes and a strategic partner that internalizes your challenges and guides you through them.


Innovation strategy

You need a structure in place to identify, assess, and balance the myriad initiatives you could pursue at any given moment. You need a way to determine which are the most important, how they align with each other, and which, if any, will help you achieve board-level goals. Our innovation strategy is backed by a compelling narrative that aligns stakeholders on the vision, plan, and path forward.

Start with the right strategy

  • Current and future-state assessment
  • Stakeholder facilitation and alignment
  • Strategic planning and roadmapping

Product innovation

You need to understand your users first before designing the next product. You also have to evaluate the culture of your business and existing technologies before you can release the new product. At TXI, we know how to operate in a fast-paced environment and will hit the ground running to achieve your outcomes and de-risk your investment along the way.

Our pragmatic approach

  • Product discovery
  • Product delivery

Data products

You see that data has the potential to move your organization forward. But there is a chasm between having data and having a data-driven culture. Unlocking the value of data changes how people work is both a technology and people challenge. TXI shapes and builds solutions to address this, that fit the users’ mindset, focus on their most critical needs and drive adoption of data insights.

Unleash the power of your data

  • Adaptive user experience
  • Data and design thinking
  • Knowledge creation
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