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By partnering with TXI, biopharma organizations can fully leverage digital technologies to revolutionize the industry and bring life-changing treatments to patients faster and more efficiently.


Democratization of data

TXI is dedicated to overcoming the obstacles that hinder scientists from accessing and leveraging data effectively. In biopharma, vast amounts of data are often siloed and compartmentalized, making it challenging to integrate with external data, such as real-world data (RWD), or even across internal data sets. This fragmentation poses a significant obstacle to accelerating the development of novel treatments, perpetuating the industry's current norm of taking ten years and costing over $2 billion.

To unleash the potential of data in biopharma, researchers need seamless access to data, and they must adopt a more data-driven approach to their work. This transformation isn’t just about wrangling data or building new tools. It requires biopharmas to embrace digitalization fully, involving people, culture, platforms, and, of course, data, across every aspect of the organization.

By partnering with TXI to address data fragmentation and silos that hinder scientific breakthroughs, biopharmas can accelerate the development of novel treatments and ultimately bring them to patients faster and more efficiently.

How we can help

  • Create a future-state vision that solves the "right" problems and aligns digital investments with business priorities and incorporates cultural transformation

  • Integrate and harmonize siloed data sources to create a sum that is greater than its parts

  • Transform data into insights and knowledge accessible by both human and machine

  • Deliver a data platform providing both intuitive user experience and scale

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Building a knowledge platform to unlock the value of our R&D data means working with forward-thinking strategic partners who know how to engage users, rapidly prototype and test solutions, and collaborate closely to develop and execute on our vision.

Phil Hadjuk, VP, R&D Information Research, AbbVie

Unlocking 360° view of patients

At TXI, we recognize that access to real-world patient data, particularly longitudinal clinico-genomic data, is paramount for biopharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, existing sources often provide only a narrow window into patients. Clinical trials cover only a small set of patients with a very specific set of questions. Real World Data (RWD) can provide a more longitudinal view of patients, but typically lacks depth.

TXI's digital solutions address this issue by helping biopharmaceuticals create direct relationships with patients, allowing patients to participate as collaborative partners in ongoing research. By doing so, biopharmas can obtain a 360° view of their patients' health conditions and goals, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the patient experience. Patients, in turn, can have early access to cutting-edge research and can take part in observational and clinical studies, potentially improving their own outcomes.

By partnering with TXI, biopharmaceutical companies can accelerate their research and development efforts and bring innovative treatments to patients faster.

How we can help

  • Develop a secure and user-friendly software platform to recruit and sign-up patients and enable collaboration

  • Integrate with health records middleware to ensure seamless sharing of patient records

  • Encrypt and secure data to protect patient privacy and comply with regulatory requirements

  • Improve patient recruitment for clinical trials, increasing the speed and efficiency of the trial process

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Case Studies

Using data to accelerate development of new pharmaceuticals


Insights for clinical trial forecasting

Clinical trials represent the longest and most expensive phase of drug discovery and development. It is essential to accurately forecast trial duration and select the right countries and sites. Mistakes may lead to inefficient investment decisions, delays or even unnecessary failures. Unfortunately, forecasting and site selection often rely more on study managers' experience rather than the abundance of data available today.

At TXI, we specialize in creating data-driven solutions for experts such as study managers. With a TXI solution, a study manager can quickly generate enrollment curves for multiple scenarios based on historical data. They can dial in the right balance of speed vs constraints when selecting countries and sites. This information can then inform leadership's portfolio decisions, enable operational tracking, and facilitate ongoing adjustments to ensure the trial's success.

How we can help

  • Improve patient enrollment forecasting and country/site recommendations

  • Advance more data-driven approaches to clinical trial insights and forecasting

  • Deliver a visual workbench for exploring, experimenting, generating insights and making decisions.

Why do user research? To build products people love.


Knowledge not data advances drug discovery


Enable medical research at scale

TXI provides cutting-edge digital solutions that enable medical research to be conducted at scale. By harnessing advanced data analytics, machine learning, and AI technologies, we help biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions extract insights from large and complex datasets that were previously inaccessible.

Our deep expertise in data management, software development, and cloud-based technologies allows for the seamless integration of diverse data sources and the creation of powerful data-driven tools. These tools empower researchers to analyze and interpret data more efficiently, accelerating the discovery of new treatments and improving patient outcomes. With TXI's support, medical research can be conducted at scale, facilitating breakthroughs in biopharmaceuticals and healthcare that have the potential to transform lives.

How we can help

  • Develop integrated R&D data analytics capabilities to generate data-driven insights

  • Build custom software platforms to handle large amounts of data and streamline the research process

  • Use advanced analytics, automation, and the cloud to increase productivity and improve the quality of decision-making

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