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We believe in lifelong learning. We give learners of all ages eLearning experiences they deserve. We help education providers build digital products that make education easier.

Student engagement

Technology allows teachers to scale their impact, customize their approach for each student and provide flexible learning opportunities.

From early student literacy to collegiate level programs, we’ve helped learning institutions connect with their students by making education more accessible across 25 districts, 300 schools, and 20,000+ students to date.

How we can help:

  • Craft custom systems and experiences for schools
  • Design childhood literacy and education platforms
  • Create a marketplace where students and tutors can share resources and study guides
  • Deliver solutions that build connections and trust between university students and administrators
Case Studies

Engaging student leaders at Rice University with a custom chatbot

They listened to us, which was critical. Instead of offering a ready-made app, TXI showed a keen understanding and developed a unique solution.

Tom Kolditz, Founding Director of The Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University

Educators and teachers

Teachers and educators have it tough these days, so we engage with teacher associations and educators to build creative solutions to reach their students. We have experience with helping educators share insights and resources, and we’ve even collaborated on lesson plans. Our products help educators boost engagement and improve their effectiveness.

How we can help:

  • Provide flexible professional development opportunities for educators
  • Manage communities and virtual networking for teacher associations
  • Boost collaboration between distributed educators in virtual networks
  • Create marketplaces for educators to share resources and collaborate on lesson plans
Case Studies

Boosting active professional development users by 43% with data-driven strategies

We are 1,000 miles from where we were. The value TXI has provided is tremendous.

Lauren Hanford, Head of User Experience Design at Participate

Professional development and accreditation

Educators already have a full plate. So, when our teams design and build products to meet their professional development needs, we get creative and find innovative ways to keep them learning and engaged while they earn credit toward their professional development goals.

How we can help:

  • Deliver software solutions to engage and educate professionals with interactive quizzes, content, and games
  • Produce custom platform to test, validate, and provide accreditation for professional development certifications
  • Design custom platforms to education learners at all stages of their lifetime learning journey—from college students to cardiac surgeons
Case Studies

Helping AMA healthcare workers get course credit faster

It felt like a very honest and transparent working relationship with TXI, and a really strong partnership. We were all on the same side.

Daniel Pickhardt, Director of New Product Development at the JAMA Network
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