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Improving Accuweather’s user experience with primary data

The brief

“Working with TXI means that you will be in a partnership where you both positively challenge each other.​​​​​​​”

Bill Boss, Senior Director, Subscription Services at AccuWeather

AccuWeather is a global leader in weather prediction. The company “combines weather data, technology, and human insight to improve lives and businesses.” Its app, AccuWeather Professional, is used by professionals across multiple industries where weather factors impact critical business decisions daily.

Every business looks to create value for users — but few start with primary research to understand them. With plenty of people already turning to AccuWeather’s apps for weather predictions, it would have been easy to consider the market understood. However, the team knew there was an opportunity to target niche users with new features and came to TXI's product strategy, research, and design team to find it.

The challenge

Using the primary data to build a better product

AccuWeather’s team found that construction workers were one of their most valuable audiences. Weather plays a huge role in coordinating materials, scheduling contractors, and everything else that goes into a new building. So, every construction team leader keeps a sharp eye on outdoor conditions and relies on accurate data to plan accordingly.

The team approached TXI's research and design consultants to create user personas. These personas would help them understand the unique needs of construction workers and how to disseminate AccuWeather's data, which is invaluable to the construction industry.

They wanted to learn more about why construction workers loved AccuWeather’s data. While the data was their most significant asset, how people used the app wasn't straightforward. TXI's research and design team conducted quantitative and qualitative research to ensure the right approach to building the new mobile features.

TXI will provide you with talented people that help you find the best solution to your problem.

Bill Boss, Senior Director, Subscription Services at AccuWeather

The solution

Providing the right information at the right time

After engaging in insightful conversations with construction professionals and partnering with AccuWeather, TXI introduced a groundbreaking prototype that transformed how the construction industry handles weather.

The prototype included user-friendly dashboards, designed like a smart control center with a color-coded system for different job sites to make it easy to grasp the current weather conditions. Quick summaries were also featured to make decisions quick and straightforward.

Recognizing that everyone has different information needs, TXI also added quick links to access more in-depth data insights for each job site.

The prototype effectively shifted how construction workers planned their operations. With the expertise of AccuWeather and cutting-edge tech, the solution set a new standard for addressing industry challenges. It's a game-changer, making construction more efficient and well-informed.


  • Comprehensive dashboard with data insights
  • Glanceable summaries of weather forecasts
  • Detailed weather information accessible through quick links
  • Critical multi-site radar feature to alert construction sites