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Motorcity Systems and TXI win top software & tech award with driver-focused mobile application

Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive editors recognize app for solving driver pain points and helping fleets grow

Motorcity Systems, a software and integration solutions provider for trucking and logistics companies, and TXI, the digital strategy and product innovation firm, today announced they earned a 2023 Top Software & Tech Award in Supply Chain Visibility solutions from Food Logistics and Supply Demand Chain Executive. The award honors Motorcity’s ROLLER app, an intuitive mobile application for truck drivers.

Faced with an ongoing challenge to attract and retain quality drivers, trucking companies use ROLLER to combat driver turnover and improve employee satisfaction. The app provides mobile messaging and document management capabilities, integrates with Motorcity’s existing tech stack, and pairs with the dispatch-facing RELAY messaging tool to deliver a smoother driver experience to the trucking and logistics industries.

“No driver wants to do paperwork, struggle with dispatch, or toggle between multiple clunky apps after spending hours behind a windshield,” said Jeff Yin, VP of Technology at Motorcity Systems. “We recognized that the right communication tool would improve drivers’ day-to-day lives, make their companies more desirable places to work, and raise the standard of communication for the entire industry. TXI was the right partner to help us build our first mobile solution.”

To build ROLLER in the desired timeframe, Motorcity and TXI:

  • Formed an integrated team: The two teams made space to ask for support and connect on the spot while fostering open communication at every level of the project.

  • Tested design ideas with end users: By speaking with truck drivers early in the engagement, Motorcity and TXI prioritized impactful, easy-to-use features and interfaces.

  • Established iterative processes: Motorcity and TXI engineers worked together to design, develop, deliver, and build upon an MVP (minimum viable product).

“Motorcity exemplifies our product innovation approach to development,” said Jason Hehman, Industry 4.0 Leader at TXI. “By first identifying an important issue, then working hand-in-hand with users to identify, test, and fine-tune a solution, our integrated team delivered a purposeful tool that addresses real problems in the trucking and logistics industries.”

Since launching the app in early 2023, Motorcity continues to deliver new capabilities in ROLLER including workflow, driver notifications, and more.

The 2023 Top Software & Tech Awards from Food Logistics and Supply Demand Chain Executive recognize new-to-market software and technology solutions that bring automation, efficiency and visibility to the supply chain space.

Published by Mark Rickmeier in Design

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