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Developing IIoT Solutions: When to Buy and When to Build

In this article, Techopedia explores three approaches to implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions for industrial companies:

  • building custom solutions
  • buying commercially available solutions
  • adopting a buy-and-integrate approach

TXI thought leader, Jason Hehman, emphasizes that custom solutions provide maximum control but may face scalability challenges. Commercial solutions offer pre-built functionality and support but may lack customization. The buy-and-integrate approach, as highlighted by Hehman, combines the advantages of both, allowing customization while leveraging standardized solutions. Each approach has its risks, including potential scalability issues, vendor lock-in, and increased dependence on vendors. The choice depends on specific needs, resources, budget, and long-term goals. Read the full article here.

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Published by Jason Hehman in Industry 4.0

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