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Table XI tops best Chicago tech companies lists — and a few national

We work closely with our peers, so we know what an honor it is to make any list of best Chicago tech companies. It’s stiff competition — there’s a lot of talent here. That’s why we’re so proud to see several of our practice groups, and our podcast, rank at the top of industry.

Tech Times, a New York City-based magazine that covers science and technology, named Table XI one of the top software development companies in Chicago, saying:

Table XI is a custom software company that creates transformative products based on users' needs and partners' expertise. It has worked with healthcare innovators, manufacturing teams and educators to address customer needs through better products. From transforming an ecommerce checkout flow to building IoT into hardware to designing new foods, Table XI has worked with more than 100 partners from Chicago and all over the world, including Tyson, Discover and AccuWeather.

Fullstack Academy, a top coding bootcamp and hub for those pursuing work in technology, put Tech Done Right in a list of 8 Chicago Tech Podcasts to Check Out. Hosted by our own Noel Rappin, Tech Done Right is apply described by Fullstack as covering “building teams, companies, careers, and communities. The conversations don’t often get into the nuts and bolts of writing code, but more into what software development should mean.”

Those two recognitions come on the tails of our high rankings on agency review sites like Clutch and DesignRush. Thanks to the recommendations of our partners, Clutch named Table XI the No. 1 for cross-platform app development and the No. 2 Ruby on Rails shop in the world. In Chicago, we also came in second place for app development and first place for custom software.

DesignRush also took notice of our work, naming us one of the top software development companies for 2019, while digital marketing site UpCity named us one of the top mobile app developers in Chicago. Top Software Development Companies, a global ranking site, has listed us among the best software companies of 2019.

And while it isn’t official yet, we just heard from GoodFirms that we’ll be moving to the top of the mobile app development companies in Chicago list.

We’ll be adding these awards to our digital mantel next to last year’s win as the best software development company in Chicago. And we’ll be working hard to keep earning them.

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