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Our integrated team of Chicago web app designers and developers are one click away.

We create custom experience-led data products that transform Chicago’s top companies

Does your company have custom web app development needs? Find out why Chicago businesses count on TXI to build their digital experiences.

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Web Apps

Web app development

Our award-winning Chicago digital team delivers a best-in-class web app experience. We’ll work together to define product requirements, then our experts will design an elegant, intuitive web app to set you apart from the competition in any industry.

We pride ourselves in delivering a product that both delights users and delivers the ROI to propel your company into the future.

Our process includes:

  • Product Analysis & Roadmap We undertake a thorough discovery process to gain a complete understanding of your needs, then provide a detailed roadmap of how we’ll get you there.
  • Requirements Gathering We establish the functional and technical requirements needed to ensure the product meets the requirements of your users and your business.
  • Design Using the insights we’ve gained during the first phases of the process, we efficiently create a design that elegantly blends form and function.
  • Development We will make your design a reality with a thorough yet streamlined development process. Our streamlined cross-platform approach means a more direct path to testing and user feedback, allowing improvements at an accelerated pace.
  • User Acceptance Testing After development is complete, we put the product through an array of real-world testing scenarios to ensure it functions as it should.
  • Optimization Leveraging the insights gained during testing, we further optimize your web app for peak performance.

Our Chicago web app development experts have worked extensively in creating responsive and dynamic web applications, offering rich experiences across a variety of industries. No matter what your development needs entail, TXI is the partner you need.

We've seen it all, we've built it all, and we are ready to channel that experience into your Chicago development project.

Our experience supports:

  • Progressive Web App (PWA): A PWA is a responsive, connectivity-independent web application, offering an app-like user experience using modern web capabilities.
  • One Page Apps: An application where all content is presented on a single web page, improving user experience by minimizing page reloads.
  • Single Page Apps (SPAs): SPAs load a single HTML page and dynamically update content for a seamless user experience.
  • Static Web Apps: These apps deliver static content directly from a server, ensuring fast load times and enhanced security.
  • Single Page Web Apps: They provide all essential content in a single load, dynamically updating as the user interacts, for a smooth experience.
  • E-commerce Web Apps: Specialized for online buying and selling, these apps feature product catalogs, shopping carts, and payment systems.
  • Portal Web Apps: These apps serve as gateways to various features like email, forums, and search engines, often requiring user authentication.

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How we help our Chicago customers build award-winning web apps

Central to our strategy is a commitment to web app readiness. At TXI, we recognize that data serves as the cornerstone for well-informed decisions. We assert that robust, properly curated data establishes the groundwork for effective decision-making. Our methodology encompasses thorough validation, precise organization, and meticulous data refinement to guarantee both accuracy and accessibility. Prioritizing web app readiness, we empower our collaborators with dependable information, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve significant results.

Our web app designs have earned rave reviews from clients and end-users in the Chicago area and around the country, and have received numerous local and national awards. That’s because we’re constantly learning, digging into the latest research, tracking new developments in design thinking, and refining our own best practices to make sure we perpetually reside on the cutting edge of web application design.

The end result of this design obsession? An established track record of delivering web app experiences with a clean, engaging interface, sleek functionality, and countless 5 star reviews from satisfied users. Working with TXI guarantees your app will have the next-level design necessary to stand out in today’s crowded digital marketplace.

Ultimately web app development comes down to a question: did the app meet expectations in terms of furthering your business goals? At TXI we are committed to achieving results that don’t just live up to expectations, but exceed them, often considerably.

There’s a reason so many Chicago web app development clients have chosen to work with us again and again. We work tirelessly in our discovery process to make sure we understand the nuances of your audience and your business needs, so that we can leverage our development expertise to create an app that proves essential to your business.

Web app success

Our promise fulfilled for over two decades

Choosing the right web app development partner in Chicago can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what we’ve delivered hundreds of time over nearly two decades of working with our clients:

We mind the budget

We budget down to the individual risk, so the range in your proposal reflects what you’ll actually pay. No surprises—just the most value for dollar.

We ask tough questions

Our discovery process digs in to debunk the ideas that don't add value and find opportunities for real results.

Award-winning designs

We’ve had numerous industry leaders recognize our designs, which are used by millions of people each year

TXI's collaborative and positive nature was fantastic.

Zach Mellender, Business Systems & Analytics Mgr., Omaha Zoological Society

We’ve been repeatedly recognized as one of Chicago’s top digital product consultancy

The people who work with us consistently repeatedly vote us to the top of the lists for best web app developers, best software design and more.

Track record

We have a long history of helping Chicago companies build powerful data products

TXI is an award-winning digital product consultancy headquartered in Chicago. For over 20 years, our team of strategists, designers, engineering, and delivery experts
have delivered experience-led data products from concept to execution. Your data should drive everything you do. Turn it into knowledge and you’ll soar past competitors.

TXI stands out among the best web app development companies in Chicago

Digital strategy

Crafting a well-informed, unique strategy for each of our clients also allows us to create a UX that is second to none. We perform the necessary research and testing needed to appreciate the specific qualities that represent our audience, making us empathetic to their needs and attuned to the precise qualities your web app needs to deliver.

When you take our robust institutional knowledge informed by decades of experience and combine it with our relentless commitment to learning and testing our own assumptions, you can be confident your app’s UX will not only be informed by industry best practices, but also uniquely tailored to meet the habits of your audience.

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We create custom web app experiences that transform Chicago’s top companies

Does your company have web app development needs? Find out why businesses count on TXI to build their digital experiences. Contact our Chicago digital product experience team today.

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