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We create connected digital experiences for leading companies in Chicago through IoT integration

Does your company have custom Internet of Things (IoT) development needs? Find out why Chicago businesses count on TXI to build their digital experiences.

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Our award-winning Chicago digital team delivers a best-in-class IoT development experience. We’ll work together to define product requirements; then our experts will design an elegant, intuitive IoT solution to help you streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and revolutionize your business processes.

We pride ourselves in delivering a product that delights users and provides the ROI to propel your company into the future.

Our process includes:

  • Product Analysis & Roadmap In our comprehensive discovery process, we delve deeply into your IoT requirements, culminating in a detailed roadmap outlining the journey toward achieving your connected objectives.
  • Requirements Gathering We meticulously define the functional and technical prerequisites necessary to align the product seamlessly with both user needs and business objectives in the realm of IoT.
  • Design Drawing from the insights acquired in the initial stages, we adeptly fashion a design that harmoniously merges aesthetics with functionality, specifically tailored for the IoT landscape.
  • Development Transforming the design into reality, we embark on a pragmatic and efficient development process that brings your IoT solution to life.
  • User Acceptance Testing Upon the completion of development, we subject the product to an array of real-world testing scenarios, ensuring its seamless functionality within the IoT environment.
  • Optimization Harnessing the insights garnered from testing, we fine-tune and optimize your IoT solution, or mobile app, to ensure it operates at peak performance within the interconnected landscape.

IoT for logistics is driving significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction by enabling data-driven decision-making throughout the supply chain. We provide you with the real-time visibility needed to optimize operations to the fullest. TXI helps you integrate sensors, devices, and data analytics to enhance visibility across the entire logistics process.

Are you thinking of transforming your logistics company to gain a competitive edge? Find out why TXI stands out among the top IoT for logistics companies in Chicago.

Our experience supports:

  • Real-time tracking Unlock real-time tracking and monitoring with IoT-enabled devices and mobile apps. GPS trackers, RFID tags, and sensors attached to shipments, vehicles, or containers allow for precise location tracking.
  • Less paperwork, faster payment Facilitate real-time connections between drivers and dispatch and streamline digital paperwork for faster invoicing. Even offline, drivers can effortlessly send high-quality document images to dispatch databases, reducing workload and expediting payments.
  • Inventory management Manage your warehouse inventory easier with real-time data on stock levels, expiration dates for perishable items, and the movement of goods within the warehouse. Enable better inventory control to reduce stockouts and overstock situations.
  • Predictive maintenance for fleet vehicles Similar to manufacturing, IoT facilitates predictive maintenance for vehicles and equipment in logistics. Sensors monitor the health of vehicles, engines, and components, predicting maintenance needs before breakdowns occur, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Optimized route planning and fleet management Optimize route planning with data on traffic patterns, weather conditions, and vehicle performance. Reduce fuel consumption, improve delivery times, and improve your overall fleet management.
  • Efficient last-mile delivery TXI enables more efficient last-mile delivery by providing visibility into delivery routes, real-time tracking for customers, and enabling delivery route optimization for drivers on the move.
  • Enhanced safety and security IoT-enabled environmental monitoring (like temperature or humidity) ensures better quality control and management of your perishable goods in transit. Monitor conditions that impact cargo safety, such as temperature, humidity, or unauthorized access to shipments.
  • Supply chain visibility Achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility by collecting and analyzing data across multiple points, including suppliers, warehouses, distribution centers, and retailers. This transparency helps prevent disruptions to the supply chain.
  • Transforming insights into action The data collected isn't just analyzed; it's creatively visualized, providing captivating insights to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and pinpoint areas for cost savings within the logistics network. Turn data and analytics into informed decision-making and strategic enhancements.

Are you a midwest-based manufacturing company looking to develop your next IoT solution? Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing traditional manufacturing processes by creating smarter, more efficient, and more flexible production systems.

We understand how to create responsive, intuitive software solutions that unlock your full Industry 4.0 potential.

Our experience supports:

  • Connected machines and sensors IoT device management gives you the power of data insight from machines, equipment, and sensors on the factory floor. Show real-time data on equipment performance, temperature, humidity, energy usage, and more.
  • Predictive maintenance Enable predictive maintenance on the factory floor by analyzing equipment data to predict when machines might fail or require maintenance. Reduce downtime and prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Inventory management IoT devices can track inventory levels in real time, automate reordering processes, and provide insights into supply chain management, reducing stockouts and overstock situations.
  • Quality control Monitor product quality during production to identify defects or deviations from specifications in real time. IoT sensors allow for immediate corrective actions, reducing waste and improving overall quality.
  • Supply chain optimization Facilitate better supply chain visibility by tracking goods, monitoring shipment conditions (like temperature or humidity for perishable goods), and optimizing logistics processes.
  • Energy efficiency Monitor energy usage in factories, identify areas of high consumption, and suggest strategies for reducing energy waste, contributing to cost savings and sustainability efforts.
  • Enhanced safety Create a safer work environment by monitoring environmental factors and employee activities. Detect potential hazards/unsafe conditions and alert workers or shut down equipment when necessary.
  • Integration and interoperability Implementing IoT in manufacturing often involves integrating diverse systems and devices. Ensuring compatibility and interoperability between various devices and software platforms is crucial for successful implementation.

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How we help our Chicago customers build award-winning IoT solutions

At the core of our approach lies a focus on data readiness. At TXI, we understand that data is the bedrock upon which informed decisions are built. We believe that solid, well-prepared data forms the foundation for successful decision-making. Our approach involves rigorous validation, meticulous organization, and careful refinement of data to ensure accuracy and accessibility. By focusing on data readiness, we equip our partners with reliable information, enabling them to make informed choices and drive meaningful outcomes.

Our IoT solutions have earned rave reviews from clients and end-users in the Chicago area and around the country, and have received numerous local and national awards. That’s because we’re constantly learning, digging into the latest research, tracking new developments in design thinking, and refining our own best practices to make sure we perpetually reside on the cutting edge Industry 4.0 technology.

The end result of this design obsession? An established track record of delivering IoT solutions that deliver impactful results and countless 5 star reviews from satisfied clients.

Our dedication to continuous enhancement and advancement isn’t confined to design alone. It permeates every facet of IoT development, from achieving peak performance to meeting stringent security protocols and ensuring long-term maintenance efficiency.

At TXI, the relentless quest for refining IoT solutions is ingrained in our core. It's a passion that drives us, not just because it's integral to our craft, but because we've witnessed its transformative impact on our IoT development clients in Chicago and across the nation consistently.

We are committed to optimizing IoT solutions, harnessing the latest technologies, and refining processes to ensure our clients benefit from cutting-edge, robust, and sustainable systems. This commitment defines our ethos and drives our pursuit of excellence in the rapidly evolving landscape of Industry 4.0.

IoT success

Our promise fulfilled for over two decades

Choosing the right IoT solutions partner in Chicago can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what we’ve delivered hundreds of time over nearly two decades of working with our clients:

We mind the budget

We budget down to the individual risk, so the range in your proposal reflects what you’ll actually pay. No surprises—just the most value for dollar.

We ask tough questions

Our discovery process digs in to debunk the ideas that don't add value and find opportunities for real results.

Award-winning designs

We’ve had numerous industry leaders recognize our designs, which are used by millions of people each year

TXI has really helped Dickson transition from a manufacturing company to a technology company. TXI just greatly expands the collective intelligence of Dickson.

Matt McNamara, SaaS and Hardware Product Manager at Dickson

We’ve been repeatedly recognized as one of Chicago’s top digital product consultancy

The people who work with us consistently repeatedly vote us to the top of the lists for best IoT developers, best software design and more.

Track record

We have a long history of helping Chicago companies build powerful data products

TXI is an award-winning digital product consultancy headquartered in Chicago. For over 20 years, our team of strategists, designers, engineering, and delivery experts
have delivered experience-led data products from concept to execution. Your data should drive everything you do. Turn it into knowledge and you’ll soar past competitors.

TXI stands out among the best IoT development companies in Chicago

Digital strategy

Crafting a well-informed, unique strategy for each of our clients also allows us to create a UX that is second to none. We perform the necessary research and testing needed to appreciate the specific qualities that represent our audience, making us empathetic to their needs and attuned to the precise qualities your IoT needs to deliver.

When you take our robust institutional knowledge informed by decades of experience and combine it with our relentless commitment to learning and testing our own assumptions, you can be confident your app’s UX will not only be informed by industry best practices, but also uniquely tailored to meet the habits of your audience.

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We create custom IoT experiences that transform Chicago’s top companies

Does your company have IoT connectivity needs? Find out why businesses count on TXI to build their digital experiences. Contact our Chicago digital product experience team today.

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