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Industrial IoT

The future of work is industrial IoT. We're constantly expanding our idea of what's possible to bring new products and new revenue opportunities to our partners.

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Data-driven products

In manufacturing facilities and on shop floors, we can now integrate systems and machines to get better transparency into device efficiency, production quality and potential breakdowns. Rather than seeing data from individual components, we can gather data and insights across a workflow process to improve the intelligence of an entire organization.

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How we can help:

  • Give you the tools you need to get an enterprise-wide view of your company’s data
  • Connect and integrate data from disparate systems
  • Deliver innovative software solutions that provide your team with ongoing insight into machine efficiency and production quality

TXI has really helped Dickson transition from a manufacturing company to a technology company. TXI just greatly expands the collective intelligence of Dickson.

Matt McNamara, SaaS and Hardware Product Manager at Dickson

Process, workflow, and data entry automation

With TXI’s IoT-enabled technology-driven solutions, industrial core facility managers can reduce their administrative overhead and costs, eliminate manual steps that make room for human error, and enhance operational security. Our products allow operations managers to get better visibility, do more accurate accounting, and save time.

How we can help:

  • Develop custom workflows to optimize your team’s efficiency and automate manual processes
  • Bring a product innovation mindset to every project to help find new opportunities for automation and control
  • Integrate data sources and improve the accuracy of your accounting
  • Identify opportunities to use remote IoT access to control machines and enhance security operations
Case Studies

Building NUcore, Northwestern University’s core facility management tool

The huge benefit for the core facilities is a whopping decrease in the amount of administrative overhead. In minutes, you can pull complex summaries of everything happening in all of those core facilities.

Jeff Weiss, Director for Research Analysis, Northwestern University

IoT software and hardware integration

Turn your mobile phone into a remote control for your physical devices. With our IoT implementations, operators now can receive real-time alerts and notifications from the field and improved efficiency when monitoring, controlling devices remotely.

How we can help:

  • Remote access and control of physical devices
  • Real-time monitoring, notifications, and alerts
  • Mobile app integration to have a portable “remote control” of complex systems and machinery

How our strategy inception found a future for The Wabash Lights

TXI helped us think of things we hadn’t thought about. They helped us make it so anyone in the world could interact with the lights using their cell phones.

Jack Newell, Co-Creator, Wabash Lights
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