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Digital health

Empathy is at the heart of healthcare and our software.

Enabling communication between patients and practitioners, we build trust and digital health products everyone can rely on.

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Design for the patient experience

Every industry has a human element, but designing for healthcare means understanding that connection is the heart of medicine. Our products have optimized that patient experience, allowing the patients to feel cared for, even at a distance.

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How we can help:

  • Foster a deeper understanding of the patients challenges, needs, goals and motivations
  • Increase connection and trust between patient and physicians
  • Improve care and patient outcomes when users understand their applications and want to use them as designed
Case Studies

Building a homecare app, and business model, from across the globe

A lot of people were too keen to start without knowing why I was doing it. It reassured me that TXI started with questions.

Jeremy Martin, CEO, Founder of Tend

Medical device and wearables integration

Our Internet of Things (IoT) enabled healthcare apps provide physicians with better insight through passive monitoring that can detect risk and personalize the care patients receive––virtually and in-person. Instead of filling out the same patient intake form in the same waiting room every time, patients now see healthcare providers who are up-to-date on their health even before they walk into an exam room.

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How we can help:

  • Handle HIPAA compliance for patient health information (PHI)
  • Integrate medical hardware and mobile applications for better data-sharing and communication
  • Design intuitive patient mobile experiences

Simulating a wearable medical device to test a healthcare app


Remote patient monitoring and tracking

Telemedicine—once shunned by healthcare payers and providers alike—became the first choice for patients seeking preventative and non-urgent healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the imminent arrival of 5G networks, telemedicine is poised to go from a backup plan to our first choice in healthcare for the long term. TXI’s products help physicians stay in contact with patients, provide care and improve outcomes even at a distance.

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How we can help:

  • Lead product discovery to improve collective understanding of patient motivation, goals, and pain points
  • Capture consistent, reliable data around care, outcomes and quality of life
  • Design patient experiences that increase adoption and engagement
Case Studies

Creating safety with a chatbot to drive better outcomes in pelvic health

The integrated team at TXI uncovered valuable insights and delivered an extraordinary product that was innovative, user-centric and secure.

Missy Lavender, Founder, CEO, Renalis

Physician portals and professional development

For decades, medical journals have helped doctors keep their skills sharp––and stay licensed––by helping them earn their continuing medical education (CME) credits. But as times and technology have changed, physicians are looking for more convenient ways to gather content and get their CME credits. Our product teams have partnered with medical associations to provide better access to education and more convenient testing and accreditation for professional development.

How we can help:

  • Discover new approaches to virtually facilitate testing and the accreditation process
  • Partner with key stakeholders to find more effective, innovative and convenient ways to deliver content to physicians
  • Design a better physician portal to help you meet your staff’s needs, so they can better serve their patients
Case Studies

Training doctors with a flexible, CME-crediting mobile app

TXI really invested in understanding our universe. They dove in really hard to understand the market for this and how physicians get their CME credits. It was a great way to start the process.

Daniel Pickhardt, Director of New Product Development at the JAMA Network

Modeling and planning for large pharmaceutical clinical trials

When planning clinical trials with new medicine, delays in scheduling can cost millions of dollars. Our product teams have worked with stakeholders in top pharmaceutical companies to map out the process and approach, creating more accurate projections for clinical trial timelines.

How we can help:

  • Product discovery
  • Rapid prototyping and validation of modeling scenarios and software projections
  • Data modeling and visualization
  • Forecast more accurate projections for clinical trial timelines

Choosing between healthcare software companies? What to know

Award winning medical software

We’re designing and developing healthcare software that earns top ratings and reviews from the people that matter most—our partners. Learn why Mobile App Daily named us the best medical software developers.

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