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Product Performance Accelerator

Elevate Performance: Discover, Upgrade, Excel.

Product Performance Accelerator

Empower your organization's success

Are you using the equivalent of an iPhone 3 OS for critical, high-stakes work? TXI’s Product Performance Accelerator can help you identify opportunities for upgrades to take advantage of the latest technology and provide a great user experience for your customers and employees.

What’s included:

  1. Technology audit: Audit your frontend and backend code, infrastructure, and DevOps to help prioritize improvements.

  2. UX assessment: Simplify and streamline the application design to reduce errors, issues, and task abandonment.

  3. Accessibility review: Optimize your software for accessibility and improve the overall user experience, leading to enhanced SEO and increased market reach.

Your employees and customers need modern and optimized digital products. With TXI's Product Performance Accelerator, you can ensure your digital solutions are at peak performance, powering your organization's success.

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