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Eliminating Care Gaps and Boosting Personalization: The Product Innovation Approach to RPM and RTM

Human memory is notoriously unreliable. But it’s also the main data source most physicians have when assessing their patients. If a patient remembers to mention something when they’re in the doctor’s office, the item makes it into their chart. Otherwise, not so much.

This isn’t just a problem of forgetfulness. Remembering pain is tricky, especially when trying to assess whether that pain has increased or decreased over time.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) have the potential to greatly reduce physicians’ reliance on patient memory—and launch an era of highly personalized care, better treatment adherence, and better health outcomes.

Here, I’ll explain how the product innovation approach to developing RPM and RTM solutions, in particular, can lead to tools that improve physicians’ ability to assess and treat their patients.

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Published by Rex Chekal

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