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Digital Supply Chain

From Paper to Cloud: How Tech is Revolutionizing Supply Chains with Jason Hehman

Description: In this episode of the Digital Supply Chain Podcast, Tom Raftery sits down with Jason Hehman, Vertical Lead for Industrial Innovation and Industry 4.0 at TXI, to explore the fascinating world of digital transformation in supply chain and how it's impacting organizations across industries.

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Summary and themes explored in this podcast:

1. The Importance of Purposeful Innovation

Jason emphasizes the need for organizations to align their digital transformation efforts with a clear sense of purpose. Whether it's increasing revenue, reducing costs, or enhancing customer loyalty, understanding the "why" behind the change is crucial.

2. Aligning Stakeholders

Successful change management requires aligning all stakeholders within the organization. This cooperation ensures a smoother transition and increases the likelihood of success.

3. Real-World Case: Dickson's Cloud-Based Solution

Dickson, a century-old environmental monitoring company, transitioned to a cloud-based solution to streamline operations. This shift not only improved workflow but also enabled data-driven decision-making and real-time monitoring, crucial in supply chain operations.

4. Real-World Case: Motorcity Systems' Driver Support

Motorcity Systems focuses on supporting mid-sized fleets with SaaS platforms, with a key emphasis on driver support. By introducing a mobile messaging app, they streamlined communication between drivers and dispatch, simplifying paperwork and ultimately increasing driver satisfaction.

5. Integration and Collaboration

Collaboration between development teams from different organizations is vital. In the case of Motorcity Systems, integrated teams worked closely to understand each other's needs, leading to faster development and the delivery of a minimal viable product.

6. Fostering Team Momentum

Making people feel heard and valued is vital to building teamwork. Swiftly addressing suggestions and turning them into actionable solutions fosters a sense of gratification among team members, encouraging them to engage more actively in the innovation journey.

7. Collaborative Integration

Integrating teams from different organizations can be challenging due to potential clashes of culture. To mitigate this, Jason recommends conducting regular retrospectives, which provide a platform for open discussions, identifying areas for improvement, and building camaraderie among team members.

8. The Role of Generative AI

Jason discusses the growing importance of generative AI and its impact on organizations' innovation agendas. Rather than merely focusing on the technology itself, organizations should consider how AI can expedite their ongoing innovation journey, aligning AI strategies with broader objectives.

9. Leveraging Video Analytics in Supply Chain

Jason draws parallels between AI-powered video analytics used in Wimbledon and their potential application in supply chain operations. By processing video footage and incorporating data from audio and gestures, organizations can enhance worker support, improve safety, and optimize operational processes.

10. Building the Right Vision

The success of digital products hinges on having the right vision and innovation strategy. Jason emphasizes that "building the right thing is harder than building the thing right." Organizations should prioritize defining their digital product's purpose and target audience before delving into development.


Digital transformation in supply chain is not just about technology; it's about aligning stakeholders, defining a clear purpose, and fostering collaboration. Organizations that embrace change and prioritize innovation are best positioned to thrive in today's fast-paced and competitive landscape. Catch the video version of this episode at

About the Industry 4.0 expert Jason Hehman

Jason is the Vertical Lead for Industrial IoT and a Client Partner at TXI. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he has certified brand strategist credentials and a proven track record of helping clients solve complex business problems through technology.

In Jason's current role, he works closely with clients in the industrial sector to help them leverage IoT to achieve growth and unlock new value. He applies expertise in product innovation, digital transformation, and smart manufacturing to guide them through every step of the process, from ideation to execution. He is passionate about understanding consumer behavior and using that insight to impact business strategy, as well as creating products that enhance user experience and satisfaction.

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