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How we use sticky notes to create career development goals

Career development is a huge problem for many software shops. The software industry (or at least our corner of it) doesn’t rely on certifications or other external validations. So how can we ensure that our team continues to grow, learn, and improve?

When we try to set explicit goals, reality overtakes them quickly. When we don’t set them, our team members don’t have a sense of what is expected or what is possible. At TXI, we’ve attempted to tackle both problems at the same time with a regular exercise we call “The Sticky Note Game”. In this week’s TXI to Eye video, Noel Rappin and Mark Rickmeier explain how we use sticky notes to define a path for career development.

We’re really excited to talk about this process with you, it has worked very well for us. Please, ask us questions below about how the process works.

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