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Table XI Reaffirms Commitment to Product Innovation, Changes Name to TXI

CHICAGO, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Table XI, a strategy and product innovation firm, today announces it completed an extensive rebranding initiative to further convey its approach to building digital products that better engage users and transform businesses. The rebrand includes a new web experience and brand identity with the new name: TXI. TXI’s multidisciplinary team will continue to deliver innovation strategy, product innovation, and data products that people want to use.

TXI was founded in 2002 with a similar look to other technology consultancies: as a majority white, male, highly-educated custom software development company. Over the last 20 years, the firm evolved its approach to product innovation with added focus on design and user research, recommitted to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives, and hiring people from a variety of skill sets, backgrounds, and demographics. Its new visual identity better represents these intentional shifts.

“TXI began as a group of brash technocrats driven by compassion, curiosity, and a genuine desire to help businesses evolve by embracing digital tools,” said Mark Rickmeier, CEO at TXI. “But, like at so many other consultancies, it was mostly people that looked and thought like me, and there are limits to the value that a singular homogenous group can provide.

“To create software that actually improves the lives of its users, we need to have as much diversity in the room as possible and create spaces where people from all backgrounds can bring their authentic selves to work. We’ve embraced this as we’ve grown. While that playful, somewhat overconfident moxy is still central to our culture, it’s balanced by the maturity, perspective, and experience that comes with serious self-reflection and intentional growth.”

TXI evolved from software development company to product innovation firm with a focus on three core areas:

  • Technology: TXI delivers outsized value to clients through digital technology products that support their long-term growth.

  • Experience: TXI designs digital product experiences rooted in in-depth end user research to create positive outcomes for clients, customers, and employees.

  • Innovation: TXI ensures a pragmatic approach to product innovation that transforms ideas into reality and is backed by five design principles: humanity, curiosity, ingenuity, clarity, and quality.

“Many organizations assume they understand users’ problems and know exactly how to fix them,” said Antonio García, head of design at TXI. “But by conducting thorough user research, we can test those assumptions, deepen our understanding of the problem space, and build powerful products with tangible impact on users’ lives. As TXI evolves, we renounced check-the-box delivery and reaffirmed our commitment to driving real results for our clients.”

About TXI
TXI is a product innovation firm that delivers engaging experiences and custom software. Within the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education sectors, TXI partners with clients from startups to Fortune 100s to fuel growth by giving users the digital products they want to use. We blend product, design and engineering across web, mobile, IoT, and data into an integrated approach that is critical to our partners' success. To learn more about TXI, visit

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