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Manufacturing Interview with: Jason Hehman

In this article, Jason Hehman, Industry 4.0 Vertical Lead at TXI, discusses the evolving role of technology in manufacturing and its potential to support a sustainable future in the sector. He introduces the concept of the "Titanium Economy," which refers to small-to-midsize industrial firms that have transformed their business with technology, leading to impressive business performance comparable to flashy tech companies. These firms are adopting a digital-first culture of innovation, developing new product applications, custom offerings, and sustainable manufacturing methods.

TXI guides industrial technology professionals in developing products and processes that better serve their customers by understanding their needs and desires. We use a people-first approach to product innovation, collaborating with users to find solutions. In manufacturing, this approach aims to provide customers, supply chain partners, and employees with more peace of mind through continuous value delivery and innovation.

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Published by Jason Hehman in Industry 4.0

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