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TXI Embraces Globalization with Expansion Into Canada

TXI, a strategy and product innovation firm, today announced its expansion into Canada. With team members currently distributed across North America and Europe, TXI will further supplement its international employee base by embracing the diverse and accomplished Canadian population.

As an acute labor shortage makes it more challenging than ever for U.S.-based technology firms to recruit candidates, TXI recognized that Canada offers a hotbed of highly-skilled talent. TXI continues to broaden its recruitment pool, and Canada’s shared time zones, languages, and compatible values made it a natural fit for the firm’s expansion.

“To truly uphold TXI’s core values and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, we can’t be confined by political borders or our collective comfort zones,'' said Mark Rickmeier, chief executive officer at TXI. “Throughout 2022 and beyond, TXI will continue to find success by ignoring the rise of nationalistic rhetoric across the globe, hiring talented people with diverse backgrounds, and creating distributed environments in which they can thrive.”

TXI expanded into Canada because of their shared values:

  • Curiosity: With 65 percent of global employees rethinking the way companies align with their personal values, TXI’s expansion into Canada empowers employees to satisfy work and non-work curiosities while enjoying the country’s natural beauty and cultural charm.
  • Empathy: Canada’s approach to multiculturalism, environmental protection, and healthcare align with the values of the TXI team. As the company continues to follow its DEIB roadmap and meet its organizational goals, it will look to Canada for its diverse talent pool.
  • Education: Although formal education is an imperfect measure of talent, TXI recognizes that Canada’s status as one of the world’s most-educated countries represents a commitment to hiring the most innovative and talented team possible.
  • Inclusion: Canada makes it easier for skilled workers to immigrate and settle in Canada. There are many smart, talented, and ambitious people all over the world that would have a hard time getting access to US citizenship. The Canadian immigration system is designed to make it possible for these people to move to Canada. We share Canada's value of inclusion and see this as an opportunity to work with a more diverse talent pool of people from all over the world.
  • Openness: By establishing clear documentation and transparency guidelines, TXI creates an environment in which any of the 250 ethnic groups represented in Canada can be their open and authentic selves.

“At TXI, we’re not America First. We’re People First,” said Josh Golden, founder, and chair at TXI. “And in our continued search for the right people, we’re looking for curiosity, empathy, and openness as represented through a diverse range of lived experiences.”

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