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Delivery disrupted: The secret sauce for last mile efficiency with Better Trucks CTO Mike Koleno

Modern Industrialist Podcast

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The episode:

In this episode of the Modern Industrialist Podcast, we explore the cutting-edge of last-mile delivery with Mike Koleno, the Chief Technology Officer at Better Trucks. Mike, whose background spans financial services and technology, now leads the charge in revolutionizing logistics with Industry 4.0 innovations. Under his leadership, Better Trucks has become a beacon for technological advancements in the logistics sector, particularly focusing on the complexities of last-mile delivery—a crucial endpoint that directly impacts customer satisfaction.

Throughout our discussion, Mike delves into how Better Trucks leverages real-time APIs for dynamic label creation and sophisticated routing systems designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of deliveries. Join us as we unpack the nuances of logistics innovation with Mike Koleno. From discussing the challenges of integrating new technologies to the importance of fostering a culture of innovation within Better Trucks, this episode is packed with insights into how modern solutions are reshaping traditional industries.


The podcast:

Presented by TXI, The Modern Industrialist Podcast is for technology-focused manufacturing and logistics leaders looking to gain a competitive edge with Industry 4.0 transformation. Join our host Jason Hehman as he brings together experts from companies blazing the path for the Industry 4.0 revolution. Topics range from advice to success stories, use cases, solutions, and more.

The expert:

Mike Koleno is a visionary technology leader whose innovative approach to digital transformation has significantly impacted the logistics and delivery sector. As the Chief Technology Officer at Better Trucks, Mike is at the forefront of revolutionizing last-mile delivery, applying cutting-edge technology to optimize logistics, scheduling, and driver performance. His work is pivotal in positioning Better Trucks to compete aggressively in a market increasingly defined by efficiency and responsiveness.Holding a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from North Central College, Mike's academic background laid the foundation for his distinguished career. Beyond his professional achievements, Mike is passionate about mentoring emerging talent in technology, fostering a culture of innovation, and exploring the intersections between technology and business strategy.

Podcast Host: Jason Hehman, Industry 4.0 Vertical Lead at TXI
Co-host: Matt Reich, Lead Software Engineer at TXI
Guest: Mike Koleno, CTO of Better Trucks

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Summary and themes explored in this episode:

Introduction and Background:

  • Host introduction of Mike Koleno, CTO at Better Trucks

  • Better Trucks focuses on last-mile delivery innovations using Industry 4.0 technologies.

  • Discussion on the differences and roles of first mile, middle mile, and last mile in logistics.

Challenges and Innovations in Last Mile Delivery:

  • The last mile is crucial for customer satisfaction in the delivery process.

  • Innovations across all stages of delivery, especially the last mile, have accelerated post-pandemic.

  • Better Trucks innovates by optimizing the final leg of the delivery to enhance speed and reduce costs.

Mike's Journey to Better Trucks:

  • Background in financial services and technology, shifting to logistics for innovative opportunities.

  • Joined Better Trucks to enhance delivery processes through technology after the rise of digital and mobile platforms.

Technical Innovations at Better Trucks:

  • Implementation of a real-time API for label creation, a major innovation in the logistics industry.

  • Development of proprietary routing and delivery systems to manage complex delivery needs effectively.

  • Focus on enhancing driver performance through technology, including mobile apps for route management and real-time communications.

Driver Recruitment and Retention:

  • Importance of technology in making the delivery process seamless for drivers.

  • Innovative practices like same-day payments to drivers to enhance job satisfaction and retention.

Customer-Centric Innovations:

  • Speed and cost as the primary factors why customers choose Better Trucks over traditional delivery services.

  • Continuous development of custom solutions to stay competitive in the logistics industry.

Culture of Innovation:

  • Emphasis on fostering a culture of innovation within Better Trucks.

  • Discussion on solving industry-wide problems, like package tracking, to improve the logistics sector overall.

Final Thoughts and Future Directions:

  • The importance of addressing industry-wide challenges through cooperative innovations.

  • Potential future projects and the importance of keeping pace with technological advancements in logistics.

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