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Green data: How Colton Griffin is transforming the cannabis supply chain

Modern Industrialist Podcast

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The episode:

Today we’re diving into the world of cannabis supply chain management with Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software. With a rich history in optimizing supply chains through innovative data analytics, Colton brings to the forefront the intricacies and challenges of navigating the cannabis industry. Flourish Software stands out as a pioneer in offering technological solutions that span the entire cannabis, CBD, and hemp verticals, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and profitability amid a complex regulatory landscape.

Throughout our discussion, Colton unravels the nuances of the cannabis supply chain, from the importance of seed-to-sale software to the unique state-by-state industry dynamics within the United States. He shares insightful examples of how technology has been instrumental in simplifying regulatory compliance and operational tasks, freeing up businesses to focus on their core activities. The conversation also highlights the vital role of data-driven decision-making in overcoming the industry's challenges, emphasizing Flourish Software's commitment to integrating sustainability and equity into its mission.

Join us as we explore the future of cannabis operations and supply chain management with Colton Griffin. Tune in for an enlightening journey through the complexities of the cannabis supply chain and discover how Flourish Software is making a difference in creating more efficient and ethically conscious industry practices.


The podcast:

Presented by TXI, The Modern Industrialist Podcast is for technology-focused manufacturing and logistics leaders looking to gain a competitive edge with Industry 4.0 transformation. Join our host Jason Hehman as he brings together experts from companies blazing the path for the IIoT revolution. Topics range from advice to success stories, use cases, solutions, and more.

The expert:

Colton Griffin is the CEO of Flourish Software, a leading-edge supply chain management and seed-to-sale tracking software solution designed specifically for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. With a passion for optimizing operations through innovative technology, Colton has pioneered the development of Flourish to support businesses in navigating the complex cannabis supply chain, from cultivation to consumer.

Before founding Flourish, Colton honed his expertise as a consultant at Manhattan Associates, specializing in business intelligence and data analytics for supply chain applications. His work helped numerous companies achieve operational excellence. At Genuine Parts Company, a Fortune 177 entity, Colton was instrumental in developing and managing advanced reporting platforms and systems for inventory optimization and trade management.

Leveraging his experience, Colton established a consulting practice focused on supply chain analytics, which eventually evolved into the launch of Flourish. His unique blend of technical acumen and industry knowledge has positioned Flourish as a catalyst for modernizing the cannabis supply chain, embodying efficiency, compliance, and profitability.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a BS in Industrial Engineering, Colton's journey through retail, healthcare, and FMCG supply chains has imbued him with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in these sectors. Today, Colton is dedicated to empowering the cannabis industry with data-driven solutions, fostering equity, environmental sustainability, and a profound appreciation for the cannabis plant.

Podcast Host: Jason Hehman, Industry 4.0 Vertical Lead and Client Partner at TXI

Co-host: Matt Reich, Lead Software Engineer at TXI

Guest: Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software

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Summary and themes explored in this episode:

Introduction to the Episode:

  • Discussion on Industry 4.0, exploring complexities and opportunities in the digital era.

  • Introduction of guest Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software, focusing on cannabis industry's supply chain management.

Colton Griffin's Background and Flourish Software's Mission:

  • Background in optimizing supply chains through data analytics.

  • Focus on efficiency, compliance, and profitability in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries.

  • Importance of sustainability and equity in Flourish's mission.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Importance of data-driven decision-making in the cannabis industry.

  • The unique challenges of the cannabis supply chain, including regulatory requirements and state-by-state differences.

  • The role of seed to sale software in ensuring full traceability and compliance within the industry.

  • Examples of technology's impact in simplifying regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

  • Discussion on the vertical integration and state traceability systems in the cannabis industry.

  • Flourish's approach to managing the complexities of the cannabis supply chain, from seed to sale.

Challenges and Solutions in the Cannabis Industry:

  • Compliance complexities and the granular level of traceability required.

  • The critical role of software in managing compliance and operational processes.

  • The need for dynamic responses to regulatory changes and how Flourish adapts to these changes.

  • The importance of capturing detailed data for business decisions, including cost management and regulatory compliance.

Insights and Future Directions:

  • The potential for technological innovation, including AI, to further enhance operational efficiency and decision-making in the cannabis industry.

  • Colton's perspective on the opportunities technology presents for improving the cannabis supply chain.

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