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Cybersecurity trends and practical tips for your organization: Interview with NCCoE

Modern Industrialist Podcast

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The episode:

In this episode we dive into the world of cybersecurity with renowned experts Dr. Michael Powell and Aslam Sherule from The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE). They chat with Jason and Turley about the evolving cyber threat landscape in the US, discussing the role of AI, critical changes in cybersecurity paradigms, and pragmatic strategies tailored specifically for the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NCCoE collaborates with industry, government, and academia to create practical cybersecurity solutions for businesses. Using standards and available technology, they develop adaptable models that address pressing security challenges and protect the nation’s critical infrastructure from attacks. Join us to learn practical steps to secure complex IT systems and how to avoid cyber risks at your own organization.

Podcast Host: Jason Hehman, Industry 4.0 Vertical Lead and Client Partner at TXI

Co-host: Patrick Turley, Head of Engineering at TXI

Guest: Dr. Michael Powell, Cybersecurity Engineer, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Guest: Aslam Sherule, Lead Cyber Physical Security Engineer at MITRE Corporation

The podcast:

Presented by TXI, The Modern Industrialist Podcast is for technology-focused manufacturing and logistics leaders looking to gain a competitive edge with Industry 4.0 transformation. Join our host Jason Hehman as he brings together experts from companies blazing the path for the IIoT revolution. Topics range from advice to success stories, use cases, solutions, and more.

The expert:

Jason is the Vertical Lead for Industrial IoT and a Client Partner at TXI. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he has certified brand strategist credentials and a proven track record of helping clients solve complex business problems through technology.

In Jason's current role, he works closely with clients in the industrial sector to help them leverage IoT to achieve growth and unlock new value. He applies expertise in product innovation, digital transformation, and smart manufacturing to guide them through every process step, from ideation to execution. He is passionate about understanding consumer behavior and using that insight to impact business strategy, as well as creating products that enhance user experience and satisfaction.

Podcast Host: Jason Hehman, Industry 4.0 Vertical Lead and Client Partner at TXI

Co-host: Patrick Turley, Head of Engineering at TXI

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Summary and themes explored in this episode:


  • Dr. Michael Powell and Aslam Sherule, seasoned cybersecurity experts from the NCCoE, explore the latest cybersecurity trends and share actionable strategies tailored to the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Their insights provide a comprehensive view of the evolving threat landscape and pragmatic steps to fortify security.

Trends in Cybersecurity Threats

  • AI's Role in Cyber Threats
    • AI's rapid evolution has empowered adversaries to craft sophisticated malware and attacks, exploiting security gaps and bypassing conventional protocols. Conversely, leveraging AI for automated security systems enables proactive threat detection and response, fortifying cybersecurity postures.

Landscape Changes in Cybersecurity

  • Leveraging AI in Threat Detection
    • AI's revolutionary impact lies in minimizing detection windows, reducing potential threats' dwell time, and swiftly detecting suspicious activities. However, while AI enhances threat detection, its deterministic limitations highlight the need for holistic cybersecurity measures.

  • Security Segmentation and Zero Trust
    • Macro segmentation, a pragmatic approach where micro segmentation isn't viable, stands as a key strategy in implementing Zero Trust architecture, ensuring controlled access and compartmentalized security zones. NCCOE's approach embodies practicality, emphasizing scalable solutions aligned with current cybersecurity needs.

5 Practical Strategies to Strengthen your Organization’s Security Posture

  • Employee Training and Awareness
    • Employee education remains paramount in cybersecurity defense, empowering personnel to identify, report, and mitigate potential cyber threats promptly, curbing risks arising from inadvertent actions.

  • Hardware and Software Firewalls
    • Employing robust hardware and software firewalls, routinely updated and configured for stringent access control, forms an essential barrier against unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

  • Asset Inventory and Classification
    • Comprehensive asset inventories and robust classification frameworks lay the foundation for strategic protection, allowing organizations to prioritize safeguarding high-value assets critical for business continuity.

  • Access Control Mechanisms
    • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and privilege access management provide robust access control, ensuring only authorized personnel access sensitive data or critical systems, fortifying defenses against unauthorized intrusions.

  • Holistic Security Monitoring
    • Operationalizing a comprehensive security monitoring ecosystem, integrating various solutions, enables proactive threat identification and response, aligning security measures with evolving threatscape dynamics.

Closing Thoughts and Accessibility

  • Iterative Cybersecurity Approach
    • Emphasizing cybersecurity as an ongoing journey underscores the importance of consistent investment and improvement, ensuring adaptability to emerging threats and evolving technologies.

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